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Gayuma or Lumay or Lovespell in Paris

Yes, someone can perform a gayumalumay or love spell in Paris and they got a better marketing strategy and payment scheme. 

           I was rushing to my French language course when a guy handed me a flyer of Professeur MORO. I accepted it because it is quite heartbreaking when nobody accepts your leaflets or you see them throwing it in the bin without even looking at it. I had my share too of distributing leaflets. And it would be good for my vocabulary also.

                                                                Rough translation:

            “Check well what is in hand, it’s a fatal proof! If you want to be loved and if your partner left you for someone else, this is his domain. You will be loved and your partner will come back. He/She will run after you like a dog behind his master. It will create between your partner and you a perfect understanding on the basis of love. The problems that make you look desperate will be resolved…Protection against all the bad spirits, success in exams and in all domains…”

Aside from gaining additional words to my approximately 2000 base words in French, I had fun translating it. I’ve never thought we can find some “lumay” here. I don’t know where we can have that in the Philippines. They should invest in good ads 🙂 We can find quack doctors but for gayuma, I think we might need to do some more digging. 

Anyway, I prefer to let things take their natural course. 

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  1. Ralala ces marchands d’illusions!!!! Their intention whatever it could be, is so idiot and smell so bad. Never trust them. I’m like you: I prefer to let things take their natural course.

  2. Il existe aussi aux Philippines Lou! J'ai ils vont t'hypnotiser et voler nos affaires.

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