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There Aint No Rest for the Wicked: Going Out to Taste the First Weekend of Spring 2018 in Paris-dise

The sun has finally come out and the temperature’s starting to rise. Even if I’ve made it a point to spend one day every week at home to recharge, I found myself joining the crowd this weekend to get some vitamin D and to carpe diem life.


It’s still a drag preparing for the day’s adventure because I love pajamas. So, I decided to just wear the first clothing I could grab, a process which was done without turning the lights on. A denim skirt went out first and they haven’t failed me yet so it’s the lucky one. I love the versatility of these skirts. I could go to war and slay dragons in it.

                              Here comes the sun so here I come..
(Skirt: From Aliexpress because it’s the place when you’re looking for an XS size and it makes my treasury happy.)
I didn’t give my full trust to the weather and as they said, “Ne laisse pas ton manteau en avril” and we are still in March, hence puffer coat plus the jumper. And the thigh-high boots because they’re near the door and I love them.

Found a hoop at Décathlon-Madeleine
           Because hooping is fun…got this hoop from Décathlon-Madeleine.

              I love the bus even if we’re packed like sardines…


Because in Paris, sun is = people-watching at cafes’ terrasses, my friend and I met at Napoleon III café near the Marie of the 19e arrondissement to follow the culture. The place is perfect for what we’ve wanted because it is in front of Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

                                                    Sun=Smiley Face

I used to pass by at this café every Saturday before but I didn’t notice its name. Good idea, reminds us of history. It was during the time of Napolen III that the Buttes Chaumont was built,or constructed, or created. La belle époque.
This Eiffel Bridge at Parc des Buttes was covered with snow last weekend.
  (Puffer coat wants to retire so welcome Leopard coat.)

              The green, green grass of Buttes Chaumont…

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  1. J’adore le recap de ton weekend!!!! Ohh a hoop, Gosh!!! I would like to try the real one.

  2. Merci Beaucoup!!! Tu peux l'essayer! Merci Lou Ada!

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