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The “Shorts” Life in Summer: Why Wear Shorts


         I feel like I was born wearing shorts. It’s the most comfortable thing, well, aside from dresses and skirts. I am minimalist. I just want to have what is necessary with less effort and much comfort. When I was 13 years old, in first year high school, I was still wearing that Simba of Lion King shorts. I’ve had blue and white. I love shorts. Everybody was wearing pants and skirts and having crushes while me, still stuck in Lion King shorts.

            Then, I heard someone talking about me being a kid coz of that Simba shorts so I tried to blend in and started wearing what they’re wearing. You know at 13, you don’t have a personality like what you’re gonna have in your 30’s. In my 3rd year of high school, another worst thing happened. Some girls were saying my legs and thighs are so big implying that I shouldn’t wear shorts. I listened, started covering up my legs and stopped wearing any bottom clothing that would not sweep the floor.

            Until I found my elder sister’s old Levis pants which I cut short. The Levis shorts was so cool and comfortable. “So what the heaven, I’m gonna wear shorts,” said I. And there goes the start of my adventures with shorts.

Levi's Shorts
Levi’s shorts that I’ve been wearing for two decades.
But why do I like wearing short shorts? So many reasons.


This is the most important for me. They are small garments, ergo,  they’re not difficult to wash and dry and will not consume a lot of water and detergent so you could help save the mother earth a bit and you could economize too. 


Small garments they are, they would not consume a lot of space in your closet and your luggage when you are traveling.


They are comfortable and easy to wear. You can move with ease because your legs are not totally enveloped and constrained by any fabric. And when you change outfit, sometimes, you don’t have to take your shoes off unlike long pants. You can wear them shorts in just five moves. You put on your right leg, then the leg left, pull it to your waist, zip it and then button it. Five moves.


It’s very relaxed and versatile. You can wear it in different ways, be it a rocker style, chic, cute, grunge, I-don’t-care-what-I-wear-style, vulgar one, whatever, you can easily do that.


Since short shorts are short, a good portion of the legs will be exposed creating an illusion that our legs are long. Most girls or ladies (me included) are crazy about long legs. 

The only problem  that I have about them shorts is that when it’s dusty and too hot. A good portion will be very exposed too. However, it is not really a big deal for me because I put on some sunscreen and I can wash or wipe the dust off my skin and take a shower. It’s still comfortable and this is the most important for me.
So this is my lovestory with shorts.  

At Bohol Bee Farm.
Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban Wayfarer
Shorts:          Forever 21
Shoes :         Subea (always ready for snorkeling dude)
Ice Cream: Gumamela and Malunggay flavors

Photos at Bohol Bee Farm by Jin Ochia.
Boots :   Steve Madden Troopa 2
Photo by Che
Top:      Topshop
Shoes :  Subea Aquashoes
Photo by

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  1. I love all of your shorts and style!!!
    Why to extremely cover up when it’s hot outside??? Being comfortable when your work allows you to wear what you want, should be the first thing which matters

  2. Thanks my dear Lou hehe…and thanks for agreeing…

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