Where to Get that Unfindable Outfit You Desire

When it comes to hmmm... life, I stick with classic and minimal stuff, clothing included. I love the styles that are always cool and cute and will not give you a hassle should you need to jump over the fence. Those that are already “introuvables” in shop windows or even when you dig the boutiques. It’s even difficult, if not impossible, to find them online. Or sometimes, I just thought or am reminded of something I’ve worn 10 years ago and would love to wear them again but I couldn’t find them.

In this consumerist world where you’ve become one of the consumerists, it is frustrating to see shop windows full of beautiful clothing when your bank account is experiencing sècheresse. But, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the style that you want, not even in Amazon or Aliexpress, when you’ve got little cash to splurge. (When I said "you", I mean "I" by the way. "You" just sounds nicer. But if you could relate, you could assume the "you" too. It's not copyrighted.)

This area of my life has been quite resolved because of Akouavi Paris creations. The clothing is simple and comfortable but with a tinge of coquettishness in them so you’re still not gonna miss out on the fashion lane. They’re the kind that will not give you the “all-eyes-on-me” stuff but when a pair of eyes cast a stare on your direction, they will surely linger there for seconds or more, trust me.

When it comes to quality, they’re sturdy and neatly made. No pulls, loose threads, ill-fitting parts, broken pockets, and zip etc.

            So, if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for (I love this U2 song), why not give Akouavi Paris a call? 

Olive Pantacourt by Akouavi Paris
Olive Pantacourt by Akouavi Paris

Olive Pantacourt by Akouavi Paris (Feel free to check my a__ yoh!)

 Cape by Akouavi Paris

 Dress by Akouavi Paris

Top by Akouavi Paris



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