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Filipino Community’s Pinoy Fiesta in Paris

With the overwhelming conviviality of the Filipino community in France plus the temperature which hasreached 36°C, I’ve forgotten for a while that I was still in Paris upon getting inside the Stade de la Muette. If I had not seen the buildings outside and the trees, I would have continued on thinking that I was in Philippines. The place was invaded by Filipinos, like more than a thousand (or two or three- haven’t mastered the Jacobs’ method), to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the declaration of the Philippine independence.

Being a Boholana, the word “fiesta” would immediately ring a bell. Boholanos are quite known for fiestas that there is a lot of jokes about Boholanos and fiestas. For example, employers should not to hire many Boholanos because during May, everybody will be going home to celebrate the fiesta. So, when someone told me about this Pista sa Paris, I didn’t think twice. And, I have no regrets. It was exactly like dashing around the whole afternoon in the public plaza or basketball court in the barrios, towns and cities in the Philippines to check out the goodies, as well as the girls and the guys (during adolescence).

Almost everything that you would miss in Philippines was there. Basketball and volleyball games, Sinulog dance, the dance presentations on stage, the emcees, and of course the food. Halo-halo, kwek-kwek, itlog na maalat, tempura, siomai, empanada, puto bumbong, dinuguan, puto, barbecue, etc were available.

Even outside the stade all the way to the Parc de la Muette, Filipinos were there eating, talking, laughing and the kids playing. Men sitting around a table drinking beer with pulutan is a very typical one. It made me wanna join them and listen to the jokes.

Outside the metro station, groups of Filipinos with big shopping bags containing food (for sure) hurried to the bus station. My husband has said, “It’s easy to identify Filipinos even if we don’t see the faces, we just have to check if they’re bringing a big bag.” My Algerian friend has also said that all the Filipinos in the Philippines were probably there.
Surigaonon Tent : In the morning…
Surigaonon: In the Afternoon.

The buses from Porte Dauphine station to Porte de la Muette which usually have more or less 10 passengers during weekends were suddenly jam-packed. I guess the driver was happy thinking that his bus will be lighter when the Filipinos descend but another batch of Filipinos going home got in the bus. It is a busy day for the Bus PC1 drivers.  

This culture of ours is really extraordinary that it makes me wonder up to this moment, with a big smile, the kind of connection that we have with each other. Even if someone is from Babuyan Island and the other from Saluag, once they meet in another country, they would be like longtime neighbors. Thanks to this Fiesta, we’ve seen how united we are. 

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